Arrow Casters is a Taiwan based manufacturer of casters and wheels with over 30 years of experience with operations in Taiwan and California.

All products that ARROW CASTERS & WHEELS carry are made by partner factories in Taiwan or China. They are all Original Equipment Manufacturer or Original Design Manufacture for well known caster/ wheels brands in the US, creating the highest quality products in the industry over few decades.

Having troubles selecting the right casters for your project?

Here are the important factors to be considered to choose the right casters/wheels for your needs :

Load capacity
M = Efficient load caster number
Due to the weight applied location may vary, as well as floor
condition(cleanness, evenness, wet, oily, corrosive, etc), the total load
capacity can’t simply be based on weight capacity per caster x total
casters to be used, risk-free load calculation should be:
Load = total weight applications / M (efficient load caster #)
It is important to select casters with greater load capacity to allow for unusual circumstances.


General sizing guidelines for wheel diameter:
– Short travel in confined areas with hand-pushed equipment: 3″,4″ diameter
– Long travel with hand-pushed equipment: 5″,6″,8″ diameter
– Conveyor-towed trucks speed up to 3 MPH: 6″, 8″ diameter with nut and bolt kingpin – Tractor-towed equipment outdoors: 10″ minimum
The bigger the wheel, the faster you go! And large size wheel can protect the floor better than the small one due to its turn less than the small one, so will not heat up as easy as the small size wheels, choose the big wheel size when the fitting height is allowed.

Wheel Bearings
– Roller bearings: good for greater load capacities and rollability. Heat treated (hardened) ones can have a heavier load than non-heat treated ones. Require regularly lubrication.
– Ball bearings: good for maximum rollability, less friction, quiet, no lubrication required

Wheel Materials: Refer to above wheel material capability & a characteristic chart to choose the proper wheel material for your casters.

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